"Her artistry is from divine intervention."
(Cantor Chayim Frenkel, Kehillat Israel, Pacific Palisades, CA)

"Diane has that rarest of combined talents - the ability not only to create masterful pieces herself but the intuitive gift of encouraging absolutely anyone to access the artist within themselves. She is perhaps best with those of us who believe we have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. With gentle guidance, fierce commitment and delightful laughter Diane takes her students on a journey of their inner spiritual landscape at the end of which, they have created a powerful work reflective of the elusive beauty they find there. It is a privilege to sit in Diane's class."
(Rabbi Amy Bernstein, Kehillat Israel, Pacific Palisades, CA)

I want to share about the amazing experience I had taking classes with a very gifted artist, who taught many students who had no idea they were capable of painting. With Diane's method of painting from the right side of the brain, we learned how to paint without a preconceived idea of what will come out. It was so gratifying to be able to believe you are able to paint and then see the results. It is an immense gift to learn from a very talented artist like Diane. She shared her insights and allowed our hidden talent to flourish.
(Rina Bezonsky)

I was a volunteer director for 15 years at QA Medical Center. My responsibility was to recruit and work with high risk Jr. volunteers. In order to teach them the value of community service I engaged them in helping the patients, decorating the waiting rooms and doing various art projects for the hospital. I called upon Diane to work on some of these art projects and she did an excellent job with my students. A group of 'taggers' painted the entire exterior wall of our childcare center with beautiful images. She dedicated her summer to this project. With her artistic skill she was able to channel spray painting into a work of art. Thank you Diane!
(Judy Braun)

I have studied painting with Diane on and off for several years and as a result have a house full of beautiful paintings. Under Diane's guidance I have been able to paint my dreams both the visions and a few of the nightmares. My art took on a completely different quality for very planned to completely organic under her sure handed guidance. Whenever I return to her class I feel like I'm coming home and like I'm giving myself the gift of spending time with my creativity, my feelings and the best teacher around. The outcome in my paintings always astound me and I highly recommend Diane's work.
(Trine C. Jensen, MSOD ICF Certified PCC Coach)

How do I start… It's hard to describe the person who is called Diane Hajnal. That she is a superb and talented artist, you can see for yourselves through some of the beautiful paintings shown here. What you cannot see is her inner soul.
I met Diane in the fall of 1999 when I came with one of her students to try my luck in painting. Diane taught us how to relax, meditate and get rid of our heavy thoughts prior to starting the class. Each of her students was cared for with a special love and attention. I loved Tuesday mornings. Not only did I learn art from Diane, I became a better person, being more patient and accepting.
King Solomon concluded the book of Proverbs with a perfect poem describing Diane: "A woman of valor who shall find, her price is above pearls."
(Rina Eliashar)