Diane Hajnal-Lareau

Fine art painter, innovator and teacher, Diane Hajnal is a prolific artist whose work is widely sought by collectors, synagogues and schools and adorns the homes of many family and friends. Students have gathered from near and far to learn from her and study her unique method.

Diane was born in Chambly, Quebec, a small French Canadian town near Montreal. Raised on a farm, she was one of eleven children. The arts were a major part of her upbringing. Growing up in the country she developed a deep and profound connection with nature, which is expressed throughout her art.

In her late 20s, Diane moved to Los Angeles, California with her husband where she settled down to raise a family. She and her husband filled their home with art and music which they passed down to their two children.

During her early years in Los Angeles, Diane took art classes at UCLA and Mount St. Mary College as well from renown artists including Patty Flynn and internationally celebrated sculptor Leonard Schwartz. His method of teaching made a lasting impression on Diane. It was during her studies with Leonard that she developed her own unique style of painting and created the Art of Inner Expression. An avid reader, Diane delved into the subjects of psychology, mythology, religious studies, spirituality and art history. The knowledge she gained from her studies coupled with her previous teaching and life experiences, greatly influenced her method. After Leonard's passing, Diane's fellow students encouraged her to start teaching and she began offering private and group classes in her home studio.

Lawyers, psychologists, financial consultants, business executives, even other artists have come from near and far to study with Diane and learn how to unlock their creativity through her unique process of painting. Through the Art of Inner Expression, Diane teaches her students, young and old, to discover and unlock their inner suppressed feelings and experiences, without fear and with confidence. The Art of Inner Expression does not require any previous art experience or unique talent.

Diane is available for private, semi-private, or group classes as well as for retreats. To buy or commission original artwork, please contact her HERE.

Diane Hajnal - The Art of Inner Expression